Marriage proposal ruined by Maple Leafs fan at Senators game
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Marriage Proposal Gets Ruined By A Maple Leafs Fan At Senators Game

Published February 26, 2024 at 9:24 PM

During a recent Ottawa Senators game, a romantic proposal took an unexpected turn thanks to a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Leafs Fan Ruins Marriage Proposal At Senators Game

A brave Senators fan decided to pop the question to his significant other, a heartwarming moment captured by the arena's jumbotron. However, just as he knelt down, a person sporting a Maple Leafs jersey intervened, kissing the woman being proposed to.

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The incident quickly went viral, with fans speculating whether it was a genuine moment or an orchestrated prank aimed at garnering social media attention.

Some "fans" just played the Sens I think lol. Proposal cam, and while the guy in a Sens uni was on one knee the guy beside them in a Leafs uni grabbed the girl and made out with her? Very strange and was quickly cut off to the next segment on the jumbotron.

Online discourse ensued, with many suggesting that the entire scenario was a setup to troll the Senators and create viral buzz.

It was so cringe to witness. Would've been funnier if the guys pretend to fight after instead of bro just standing there after his girl gets kissed

Comments on social media ranged from amusement to cringe, with some proposing that a staged altercation between the two fans would have made the situation even more entertaining.

Despite widespread speculation, no official confirmation has been provided regarding the authenticity of the event. This leaves the question of whether it's a prank or a genuine surprise?
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Marriage Proposal Gets Ruined By A Maple Leafs Fan At Senators Game

You think the marriage proposal is real or is it a prank?

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