Calgary Flames defensemen Noah Hanifin
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REPORT: Insider Reveals The Four Teams Noah Hanifin Is Willing To Sign With

Published February 25, 2024 at 12:44

As the trade deadline nears on March 8th, Noah Hanifin's name has been rumoured heavily around the NHL.

Hanifin Only Willing To Sign With 4 Teams

According to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, Hanifin's top choices for signing an extension are Tampa Bay, Boston, Florida, and New Jersey. All these teams are based in the USA and are currently in contention for the playoffs.

Friedman on 32TP says the 4 teams everyone is looking at for Noah Hanifin (teams he would extend with, looks like he wants to go to the States) are Tampa, Boston, Florida and New Jersey.

Now, the real question is which team is most likely to pursue Hanifin?

First, we have the Tampa Bay Lightning. They're in need of a defenseman like Hanifin due to the absence of top player Mikhail Sergachev. However, Tampa's salary cap situation may pose challenges for a long-term deal.

Next, the Boston Bruins are striving to bolster their lineup for a competitive edge. Adding Hanifin could strengthen their defense, although future salary cap considerations could complicate matters.

The Florida Panthers also present a viable option. Despite facing cap constraints, they could redirect funds to acquire Hanifin and reinforce their defensive lineup.

Lastly, the New Jersey Devils have managed their cap space well and could potentially offer Hanifin an extension. However, this move might affect the development of young talents like Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec.

Each team must weigh the pros and cons before making a move for Hanifin. Once a decision is made, it remains to be seen if it proves successful, potentially leaving other teams regretting their choice to pass on him.

Where do you think Hanifin signs?
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REPORT: Insider Reveals The Four Teams Noah Hanifin Is Willing To Sign With

Where do you think Hanifin signs?

Florida5119.5 %
Tampa Bay7930.3 %
Boston8432.2 %
New Jersey4718 %
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