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Ron MacLean Hits a New Low in His Comments About Don Cherry

Published March 24, 2024 at 7:37 PM

When Don Cherry got the boot from Hockey Night in Canada for his controversial remarks, his relationship with former teacher and coworker Ron MacLean was over. There were reports of McLean throwing him under the Zamboni to save his skin. However, a recent post by MacLean has the hockey world buzzing with the revelation that he and Cherry are still tight as skatelaces.

Don Cherry and Ron MacLean: A Surprising Reunion Stuns Hockey Fans

In a heartwarming birthday celebration photo, MacLean and Cherry flashed the iconic thumbs up, signaling that their friendship is back on ice.

Sure, the hockey universe has moved on from the Cherry controversy, but MacLean's post stirred some fresh drama. Fans are buzzing about his choice of words in the tweet, too.

Yet it turns out MacLean's post isn't just about a birthday bash. According to Don Cherry's son, Tim, MacLean's social media share wasn't precisely a play from the friend's handbook. Tim Cherry revealed that MacLean crashed the party uninvited.

However, Cherry's keeping his cool. He's playing it classy and staying mum on the matter.

In a candid chat with John Shannon, MacLean said he and Cherry have been quietly reconnecting.

Yet, even as they rebuild their bond, MacLean admits they still differ in their political views.
From on-air partners to off-air frenemies and back to pals, their story is intriguing. Maybe one day we'll see them back on screen together, stirring up hockey magic again. For now, let's enjoy this unexpected reunion and raise a glass of friendship on and off the ice!

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Ron McLean sinks to new low in treatment of Don Cherry
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Ron MacLean Hits a New Low in His Comments About Don Cherry

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