Regina Pats Coach Standing on the Boards yelling at the opposing team.
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CHL Coach Gets Involved In A Massive Brawl Featuring A Goalie Fight

Published March 24, 2024 at 3:34 PM

These two CHL teams just had a massive brawl that led to a goalie fight, and just when things started to settle down, one of the coaches got involved.

The Regina Pats and Moose Jaw Warriors had an ending for the ages to their game on Saturday, as the two teams engaged in a full-on line brawl that you don't see every day in hockey. Just like the NHL, it looks like fighting in hockey is making its comeback. The brawl ended up with both goaltenders going at it at center ice.

Just when things started to settle down as both goalies were escorted off the ice, Regina's coach could be seen screaming at the Moose Jaw bench and coach while standing on the boards.

Take a look at the crazy video.


This sort of fighting doesn't happen very often anymore, however, one thing is for certain, it is entertaining! However, when a coach is getting involved like this, there is likely a line that is being crossed. While it is unclear from the video what started the whole brawl, Regina's coach will probably face some supplemental punishment for his actions towards Moose Jaw's bench.

Do you think that Regina's coach took it too far? Or do you think he was just standing up for his players?
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CHL Coach Gets Involved In A Massive Brawl Featuring A Goalie Fight

Do you think the Coach took it too far in the massive brawl featuring a goalie fight?

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