RUMOR: Trade Talks Have Intensified Between The Penguins and Canucks With Key Player Involved

Published November 10, 2023 at 9:03 PM

The Penguins are reportedly invested in trade talks with the Canucks. Multiple players are involved.

Canucks And Penguins Working On Potential Blockbuster Trade


According to rumor mill site Hockeybuzz, the Penguins are seeking a trade with the Vancouver Canucks over winger Conor Garland. Other players are reportedly involved as well, but no others have been named at this time.

"All I know at this point; the Penguins REALLY like Conor Garland....Both teams could use some help on the D-end, which I admit makes them appear to be odd trade partners.. however, I am supposed to get some clarity as to what the Canucks want by mid-afternoon...."

The Penguins and Canucks might be unusual trade partners, but they may be in a position to be mutually beneficial to each other. The Canucks have reportedly been trying to move on from Garland for some time while the Penguins are dead set on making a playoff run this year. Garland could add another weapon to their top-nine.

Penguins Desperate For One Last Cup Run With Crosby And Malkin

Pittsburgh has made it clear that they are in win now mode. The team brought in Kyle Dubas as their new general manager and he immediately made a huge splash by acquiring Erik Karlsson from the San Jose Sharks. The move was a bold sign that the Penguins were going to be buyers and compete this year.

That being said, the team is currently out of a playoff spot as they sit 6th in the Metro division with a 6-6 record. Garland would undoubtedly make the team better assuming no roster players are going the other way.

The question is, would Garland be enough to push the team over the edge and solidify their playoff spot? Possibly, but that is unlikely. However, the team could make a number of other moves to shore up other parts of their game between now and the deadline.

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RUMOR: Trade Talks Have Intensified Between The Penguins and Canucks With Key Player Involved

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