Sidney Capolino and Meghan Moore.
Photo credit: New England College women's hockey

Shocking New Details Emerge Regarding The Tragic Murder Of Two Former NCAA Players

Published March 23, 2024 at 1:22 PM

In a new report, we learned shocking new details on the tragic murder of two former NCAA players in Miami.

If you missed it, Sidney Capolino, 23, and Meghan Moore, 25, both passed away after a senseless crime.

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the deaths of Sidney Capolino (23) and Meghan Moore (25), both alumni of New England College's NCAA Division III hockey team.

Shocking details on former NCAA players Sidney Capolino and Meghan Moore's murders emerge

The Police identified a 40-year-old man, Luis Napoles, as the assailant. At the time, it was believed he was the boyfriend of the victim, but new reports revealed that he was a stalker who desperatly wanted to be a part of his victim's life.

Caroline Spat, a friend of the victims, had no doubts that they weren't in a relationship:

"They were not boyfriend and girlfriend. I know the, you know, a ton of articles are saying that, that's in the headlines, Spalt told NBC. That's completely false. And, you know, I am 1,000 percent sure. I think I know, I talk to her every day."

She added: "You know he quickly became obsessive and he tried to insert himself into her life and she would keep her distance and he would continue to harass her. He would call her on made up numbers, not just 10 times, but hundreds of times."

This tragic crime has had a major impact on the hockey community, who rallied together in these tough times.

More to come.
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Shocking New Details Emerge Regarding The Tragic Murder Of Two Former NCAA Players

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