Former New England College hockey players Meghan Moore and Sidney Capolino
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Hockey World Shaken As Two Young Women Fall Victim Of Major Crime

Published March 21, 2024 at 8:25 PM

The hockey world has once again been struck by tragedy after it was discovered that former NCAA players Meghan Moore and Sidney Capolino were killed in Florida last weekend.

Former college hockey players victims of crazy crime

The girls were teammates and friends at New England College where they played division three NCAA hockey. Sidney graduated from the university in 2021 while Moore graduated in 2022. It seems that the two had moved to Florida at some point after their graduations. It was in Florida where the girls would spend their final days together as both their lives were tragically cut short.

Former DII New England College teammates Sidney Capolino and Meghan Moore, who were twenty-three and twenty-five respectfully, were the victims in a double m*rder at the hands of an obsessive stalker of Moore in Miami 😳

There have been many conflicting stories about this case as the police report did not match what the girls' families knew about them. The broken game of telephone continued, leading to conflicting and false reports popping up on social media. It appears as though the true story is that they were the victims of a mentally unstable former co-worker of Moore.

The murder of Meghan Moore, 25, and Sidney Capolino, 23, in Miami has been a major local media story for days, but the newsmedia has told us nothing about the killer, Luis Napoles, 40.

Allegedly, Moore met Napoles during her waitressing job and he had been obsessed with her.

New England College has since made a statement regarding the passing of the girls, offering counseling to students in need.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of two recent graduates, Sidney Capolino '22 and Meghan Moore '21. They were known to many on campus and we are keeping their families and friends in our thoughts and our prayers. Please contact if you need support.

The PuckReporter family would like to send our condolences to the victims and their families.

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Hockey World Shaken As Two Young Women Fall Victim Of Major Crime

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