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Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney addressing the media following game 4
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Bruins GM Don Sweeney calls out the NHL after game 4

Published May 13, 2024 at 6:20 PM

Boston Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney took no exception following game 4 and called out Gary Bettman and the NHL.

In a surprising media session before heading to Florida, Boston Bruins general manager Don Sweeney redirected all officiating inquiries to the league.

Less than a day after a contentious goal by Florida Panthers center Sam Bennett and subsequent game-winner by Panthers captain Sasha Barkov, Sweeney deferred to the NHL regarding questions about Bennett's actions.

«The overall premise I have, to be perfectly honest with you, is we should not be asking the coach after the game what they feel about the officiating and what happens,» Sweeney told the media before he and his team took off at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA. «You guys should really be focused on what we didn't do well enough in the course of the game to win a hockey game. Those questions should either be directed at either the supervisor of officials, supervisor of the series and/or the officials.

You want full access and transparency? Then put the officials in front of the microphone to answer the question. They're the only ones that have the experience to be able to handle whatever interpretation they applied to Rule 69.»

Sweeney emphasized that post-game inquiries about officiating should be directed to officials or supervisors, focusing instead on what the team could improve to secure victories.

Regarding a new angle showing Bennett hitting Bruins captain Brad Marchand, causing him to miss a game, Sweeney called for the Department of Player Safety to weigh in and protect players based on their interpretations of such incidents.

«The Department of Player Safety needs to make a statement on how they interpret that situation,» Sweeney said. «We've seen every angle you can possibly imagine. No different than when Brad himself has been called to the carpet and comparables are looked at. That's their job, their responsibility to protect the players. We have to respect that, whatever their judgment is.»

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Bruins GM Don Sweeney Defers To NHL On Officiating
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Bruins GM Don Sweeney calls out the NHL after game 4

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