Carolina Hurricanes Address Concerns Over Player's Health Amid Cancer Speculation

Published November 6, 2023 at 3:07 PM

The Carolina Hurricanes have been missing goaltender Frederik Andersen since last week, and now, amid much speculation, the team have clarified what's happening with the veteran.

A scary situation


On Monday, the team officially provided this statement on the Andersen situation, which remains an ongoing one.

Frederik Andersen is dealing with a medical issue and undergoing evaluations. An update will be provided when available, but no further comment will be issued until that time.

The Hurricanes are hoping that his private life can be respected at this time, but this statement has led to much speculation that many fans are hoping for an answer on soon.

Not life threatening

While it didn't come from an official source in Carolina, one insider did provide this update that comes as a major positive.

This wording is very ominous but I'm told the issue, and I don't know what it is specifically, is treatable and not imminently life-threatening, to the extent that clarifies things. It does need to be addressed and has the potential to keep Andersen out for period of time.

It's great to hear that it's not imminently life-threatening, but DeCock revealed that it was going to keep him out for a while and it is an ominous situation, so we hope for the best for Andersen to get him healthy and one day back on the ice again.

Carolina Hurricanes Address The Situation By Providing An Important Update

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Carolina Hurricanes Address Concerns Over Player's Health Amid Cancer Speculation

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