Connor Bedard Reacts to Habs' Fans Booing Him All Night

Published October 15, 2023 at 12:44

Montreal Canadiens Fans Extend a Unique Welcome to Bedard in His First NHL Game in Canada


Yesterday marked a significant moment as Connor Bedard stepped onto Canadian ice for his inaugural NHL game when the Chicago Blackhawks clashed with the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre.

While the Canadiens' defense effectively contained him, allowing only one assist, Bedard displayed flashes of brilliance on the ice, offering glimpses of his extraordinary natural talent.

However, the passionate Habs fans didn't make it easy for him; they showered him with boos every time the puck graced his stick.

Bedard Responds to Habs Fans' Boos


In the wake of the Oilers' 3-2 loss, Bedard was invited to share his thoughts on the reception he received from the Montreal fans. His response reflected his resilience:

"Connor Bedard on being booed: 'No, I loved it. It was great. I didn't really think about it before the game, but I thought it was awesome.'

Although Bedard didn't face such a reception in his initial two games in Pittsburgh and Boston, he quickly learned that the Montreal crowd is notoriously tough. His positive attitude towards it bodes well for his adaptation to the NHL, as Montreal is just one of many challenging venues.

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Connor Bedard Reacts to Habs' Fans Booing Him All Night

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