MAJOR: Taylor Hall Admits the Struggles Connor Bedard Has Faced

Published October 16, 2023 at 10:18

Hall Comments on Bedard's Media Pressure


In a recent interaction, Taylor Hall, the teammate of rookie Connor Bedard, shared insights into how Bedard is coping with the intense media spotlight.

Hall expressed:

"Connor's handling the media attention commendably. Although he's frequently asked for in-game interviews, there should be a balance to allow him to focus on the game. He's conscious of his pivotal role in promoting hockey and is navigating it impressively. He doesn't verbalize the weight of it, but sometimes it seems overwhelming. Our current road trip is challenging: multiple home openers, a tight game schedule, and limited practice sessions. It's not an excuse; it's just the reality. However, enduring this might make the upcoming parts of the season more manageable."


Under the Spotlight: Bedard's NHL Journey


Carrying the tag of the first overall pick and possessing "exceptional" status isn't a light load, especially for a debutant like Bedard.

Embarking on an intense season starter road trip without any prior NHL exposure is a tall order. As Hall acknowledged, Bedard is managing admirably. But the undeniable pressure that comes with such immense attention for any 18-year-old in the NHL can be daunting.

Having faced pressure for a significant part of his young career, the NHL presents a different challenge altogether. The hope is for him to persist, adapting, and unlocking his full potential.

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MAJOR: Taylor Hall Admits the Struggles Connor Bedard Has Faced

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