Suspension Handed Out After Referee Incident in Sweden

Published October 16, 2023 at 8:47

Referee Incident Sparks Controversy in SHL Game


Ensuring the safety of both players and referees should always be at the forefront of professional leagues' concerns.

A major incident occurred during a SHL match where an official was unintentionally targeted.

Timra's Albin Lundin was at the center of the controversy when he tripped a linesman. The outcome? A hefty fine and a subsequent suspension.

Witness the incident for yourself:

Following this, Lundin received a three-game suspension and is to pay a fine of 10,000 Swedish krona (approximately $900 US).

Reactions from SHL and Albin Lundin

SHL shared their perspective on the incident:

Albin Lundin seemed indifferent about the collision with the linesman. Notably, Lundin did not pause or acknowledge the referee after causing him to fall on the ice.

However, Lundin had a different narrative:

I glanced at the jumbotron after the whistle to understand the impact of my collision. I realized my mistake and went to the official immediately to assure him it wasn't intentional. I did apologize to the linesman multiple times.

My focus was only on moving straight from the bench. The question remains whether I should've been more attentive and noticed him, but the fact is, I didn't.

Kimmo Kapanen, Timra's Manager, is expected to challenge the decision with an appeal.
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Suspension Handed Out After Referee Incident in Sweden

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