Joel Quenneville breaks silence regarding the Blackhawks scandal

Marvin Azrak
April 9, 2024  (3:57 PM)

Joel Quenneville
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Joel Quenneville, the former NHL head coach and three time Stanley Cup champion with the Chicago Blackhawks made a surprising appearance on the Cam & Strick Podcast today, finally opening up about the troubling scandal involving him and the Blackhawks during their 2010 title run.

During the podcast, Quenneville got real about the difficult situation, even revealing that he's had a personal conversation with Kyle Beach, the player at the center of the controversy. He said,
I had no clue. I knew nothing. I blame myself for not pursuing... the seriousness of the matter. That's on me.

Reflecting on his time since then, Quenneville shared,
I've been living in Florida for the past three years, watching a LOT of NHL hockey on TV, and working on my own personal development.
. He's been doing some soul-searching during his time away from the spotlight.
Despite the controversy, Quenneville expressed a desire for redemption, saying,
I think it's time for Quenneville to get a second chance in the NHL.
. He seems determined to prove that he's grown and learned from the past.
One of the most revealing moments was when Quenneville addressed his lack of awareness back in 2010, saying,
Had I known what I found out when I read (TSN article on the allegations), I would have had no problem getting rid of Brad (Aldrich). It was unacceptable.
He also took fault for not pushing the envelope further when he was informed of the incident in 2010, and said he assumed management would take care of it while he stayed in his lane. He admitted that was a mistake.
He also touched on the organizational divide within the Blackhawks, stating,
I think people knew that the organization had... a big divide. There was upper management, there was hockey management and then there was the coaches.

Quenneville's honesty and reflection on the podcast shed light on the situation's complexities and his willingness to take responsibility for his actions. As for Aldrich, his name was crossed off the Stanley Cup after the news came out.
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Joel Quenneville breaks silence regarding the Blackhawks scandal

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