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David Perron Finally Breaks Silence Regarding His Excessive Suspension

Published December 22, 2023 at 9:10 PM
Today David Perron finally spoke publically about the massive suspension he is about to serve.

Perron Suspension Upheld By Commissioner Bettman

Earlier today the NHL announced that Gary Bettman had decided to uphold the suspension ruling regarding David Perron. Perron had appealed the suspension in hopes of a lighter sentence.

National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman today affirmed the six-game suspension that was assessed to Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron.

Perron is now returning from his suspension after the NHL confirmed its length. His return meant he was able to speak about the process and how he felt things were handled.

Perron Breaks His Silence Regarding His Excessive Suspension

After his suspension was upheld Perron spoke to the media for the first time. First, he addressed the play itself.

"I'm just coming in there and trying to stick up for Dylan," Perron said. "You see him, kind of on my second look there, you see him motionless, not moving at all there. Definitely not easy for me to go through that, to turn around and see our captain down on the ice."

Perron then dipped into the punishment he received as a result of the play in question.

"You're trying to respond to these types of incidents," Perron said. "Obviously, I got the guy a little high. I understand that there was some discipline that needed to be done there. It just felt like on my side, it was pretty excessive for the comparables, the history, my career a lot of things really."

Perron clearly understands that what he did deserves extra discipline and a suspension. He doesn't feel the length fits the play or his history at all though. Generally, first-time suspensions are a couple of games. However, this will not be the case for Perron.

As a result of this incident, there is now a precedent set for incidents like these involving the head and neck area of a player at least for this season.

As Read On - Hockey Feed - David Perron breaks silence after his «excessive» suspension Perron is back after sitting for six games.
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David Perron Finally Breaks Silence Regarding His Excessive Suspension

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