Evander Kane Responds To Rumors Of The NHL Returning To Atlanta

Published October 5, 2023 at 7:30 PM

Evander Kane is one of the few players left from the Atlanta Thrashers franchise. With the recent news of Atlanta being in consideration for an NHL franchise Kane commented on the idea of it and if he would consider a reunion in Atlanta.

Kane Comments On NHL In Atlanta

In a recent interview, Evander Kane was asked about the possibility of the NHL returning to Atlanta. When he was asked about if the city deserves another shot at having an NHL team has was all for it.

You talk about a great city to live in. A great city to be a part of. The fan base. Everybody talks about a lack of fans, but the fanbase we had there was so awesome. They were so passionate about us as a hockey team. We had fans at practice all the time. As an 18-year-old, I loved being there. Great travel. Four other major sports. There are lots to do. It's a hub, you can get anywhere in the U.S. or even internationally from Atlanta. There are so many good things I have to say about it. I would be 100 percent supportive.

Some of Kane's most successful seasons came in his early days in Atlanta. As he says he loved being in the city and it's a hub that deserves another sports franchise. Atlanta has been reported as one of the front runners for either potential expansion or relocation depending on what happens in Arizona.

Kane was also asked if he would be open to playing in Atlanta if they got a team back and his answer was fascinating.

Kane Considers Returning To Atlanta

Kane was also asked whether he would consider returning to Atlanta for another go around if the team came back.

Yes. Yes I would I come from Vancouver, which is a melting pot for a lot of different cultures. I go as an 18-year-old to Atlanta where you're most likely either black, white or you're both. So it was a bit of a culture change for me but I definitely picked up on southern hospitality in a real genuine way. Made it very welcoming for me to be part of that community.

Kane sounds intrigued by the idea of returning to Atlanta for one last run before he retires. This would likely be at the end of his career but a nice way to pass the torch from one era to the next. Kane could also make the team a desirable free agent market with his comments going forward.

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Evander Kane Responds To Rumors Of The NHL Returning To Atlanta

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