RUMOR: Edmonton Oilers Exploring Potential Trade Of Superstar Leon Draisaitl To Facilitate Offloading Jack Campbell

Samer Dagher
November 27, 2023  (10:41)

In a surprising turn of events, the Edmonton Oilers are reportedly considering a major shakeup by contemplating the trade of their superstar, Leon Draisaitl. The potential move is seen as part of a strategic effort to offload goaltender Jack Campbell. This bold decision is generating significant buzz within the hockey community, with fans and analysts speculating on the implications of such a high-profile trade for the Oilers and the NHL landscape as a whole.

Edmonton Oilers Could Be Tempted To Trade Draisaitl In Blockbuster Move

The Oilers are grappling with a dire goaltending situation this season, prompting speculation about the measures they may take to address it. Initial hopes were pinned on Jack Campbell rediscovering his top form after a stint in the AHL, but the expected improvement has yet to materialize.
Despite a recent shutout, Campbell's AHL performance hasn't significantly improved, with his save percentage standing at .884 and a goals-against-average of 3.22 through five starts. Even with moments of promise, concerns persist about the Oilers' goaltending struggles and the ongoing efforts to find a solution.

Draisaitl May Be Moved As A sweetener For Campbell Trade

Jack Campbell's contract is deemed by many in the hockey world as extremely challenging to trade due to its unfavorable terms. Hockey influencer Gio Palermo recently highlighted a segment from TSN 1050's Overdrive on his YouTube channel discussing the complexities of moving Campbell and the broader implications for the team.
You might have to attach a guy like Draisaitl, for crying out loud. Then they kind of share a laugh about it, and O'Dog actually says afterward, hey, you might actually need to put a guy like Draisaitl if you are trading a player like Jack Campbell away to a team that may have some playoff aspirations in the short term future.

With three years remaining on his contract after this season, each with a $5 million cap hit, Campbell's struggles on the ice have raised concerns about the deal's value, making it one of the least favorable in the NHL. The possibility of sacrificing a player of Leon Draisaitl's caliber to facilitate the trade has been floated, considering Campbell's uncertain future in the NHL.

However, Draisaitl's status as one of the league's top players, particularly on the power play, adds complexity to such a potential move. If the Oilers were to pursue this trade, the hope is that they would receive impactful assets in return, maintaining competitiveness. Otherwise, there could be speculations about the future of even star player Connor McDavid within the team. The Oilers' decisions in handling this situation will undoubtedly shape the team's trajectory in the coming seasons.