Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman
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Ryan Hartman facing suspension for throwing stick at referee

Published March 31, 2024 at 2:15 PM

Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman is facing a major suspension following an incident that occurred during Saturday night's game against the Vegas Golden Knights where you allegedly threw his stick at the referee.

Late in the game, Hartman received a 10-minute misconduct penalty from NHL officials, resulting in his ejection from the game. While the cameras didn't capture the specific interaction leading to his dismissal, it could have significant repercussions.

Not sure to what extent (fine or worse), but sounds like #mnwild's Ryan Hartman will be hearing from the NHL for his misconduct at game's end. I didn't see it, but apparently he chucked his stick in the refs' direction. He was incensed bc he was high-sticked by Noah Hanifin in final minute of regulation. Not sure how it was missed.

Reports from Minnesota Wild insider Mike Russo suggest that the NHL's Department of Player Safety is considering a mandatory three-game suspension for Hartman. Allegedly, Hartman expressed frustration by throwing his stick toward one of the officials after being on the receiving end of an uncalled high stick from Golden Knights defenseman Noah Hanifin.

The incident falls under NHL rule 40.4, which states that any player who physically demeans or threatens an official by throwing equipment, shooting the puck, spitting, or applying physical force will face a suspension of at least three games.

NHL rule 40.4

Any player who, by his actions, physically demeans an official or physically threatens an official by (but not limited to) throwing a stick or any other piece of equipment or object at or in the general direction of an official, shooting the puck at or in the general direction of an official, spitting at or in the general direction of an official, or who deliberately applies physical force to an official solely for the purpose of getting free of such an official during or immediately following an altercation shall be suspended for not less than three (3) games.

Given the clear language of the rule, it appears likely that Hartman will receive disciplinary action, but the final decision rests with the Department of Player Safety.

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Ryan Hartman facing suspension for abuse of an official.
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Ryan Hartman facing suspension for throwing stick at referee

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