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The True Reason Behind The Departure Of Martin St Louis Has Been Finally Revealed

Published March 21, 2024 at 3:58 PM

Since Martin St-Louis left the Montreal Canadiens, there hasn't been much information shared about his departure. However, new details have emerged regarding his son.

Martin St-Louis is a beloved coach in Montreal, and fans were concerned when it was announced he needed to step away for personal reasons.

While the Canadiens didn't disclose specifics, it's now known that St-Louis has been with his son after a frightening incident during one of his hockey games.

During an interview, David Savard hinted at St-Louis' absence being related to his son's situation. This has prompted an outpouring of support from fans, who are sending their thoughts to the family.

"We're going to try and get a win for his son," said Savard to Lavoie in French.

Maxime Truman, in his podcast Stanley25, mentioned that searching "Mason Scary Collision" on Twitter would provide insight into why St-Louis isn't around. He stressed that there's a public aspect to the situation.

«What I'm going to tell you is that if you're a big boy or a big girl, and you write - Mason Scary Collision - on Twitter, you'll find out why he's not there (Martin St-Louis). [...]

There is a public part to the reason for Martin St-Louis's absence.»

- Maxime Truman, via Stanley25

While fans would love to see St-Louis back with the team, they understand the importance of family. His leave is indefinite, and fans support him taking all the time he needs, even if it means being away for the rest of the season.

A tweet from the Mid Fairfield hockey team mentioned Mason's scary collision during a game but assured that he would be okay despite the emotional toll it took.

Hard fought 7-3 win vs SPA. Hard to be happy as our friend and teammate Mason left the game in the 3rd after a scary collision. Good news is he's going to be okay but it takes an emotional toll. Have to do our best to re-focus and get ready for a battle tomorrow vs MSC at 8am.

Fans stand behind St-Louis and his decision to prioritize his family during this difficult time.
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The True Reason Behind The Departure Of Martin St Louis Has Been Finally Revealed

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