NHL Owners Enforce Permanent Ban on Controversial Player's Return To Team

Published November 3, 2023 at 11:29

The Melnyk sisters, who hold a minority stake in the Ottawa Senators, have made it clear that they are determined to prevent a former player from making a return to the Senators.

Formenton's Troubled History


In the 2nd round of the 2017 NHL draft, the Ottawa Senators selected winger Alex Formenton with the expectation that he would eventually become a key player for the team. Formenton quickly made his debut for the Senators during the 2018-19 season and played his first full season in 2021-22.

"Alex Formenton with the power moves tonight."

However, Formenton's career took a major turn since then. He was part of the 2018 Team Canada roster, which has been subject to an ongoing investigation, with Formenton being widely suspected as one of the primary figures involved.

These suspicions have led to Formenton not receiving a contract from the Senators, despite being a restricted free agent, forcing him to continue his career overseas in Switzerland.

Melnyk Sisters' Decision to Ban Formenton


During the offseason, Olivia and Anna Melnyk, the daughters of former Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, sold 90% of the team to billionaire Michael Andlauer while retaining a 10% ownership stake, maintaining their status as minority owners.

A recent report has surfaced, indicating that the Melnyk sisters are determined to ensure that Formenton does not return to the Senators.

According to Nick Kypreos, the Melnyk sisters do not want Alex Formenton back on this roster, whether he's cleared or not.

This effectively means that regardless of the outcome of Formenton's situation, he will not be welcomed back to Ottawa. Even if he is cleared to play, the Senators could potentially trade his rights, but by that point, his reputation may be severely tarnished, and he might have to pursue his career overseas, where he currently plays.

Formenton has recorded two points in seven games in the Swiss NL this season.

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NHL Owners Enforce Permanent Ban on Controversial Player's Return To Team

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