Kyle Dubas Makes Massive Changes in Pittsburgh One Day After Being Hired

Published June 2, 2023 at 7:17 PM

Kyle Dubas has wasted no time familiarizing himself in Pittsburgh, as he's already made some massive changes to their front office. The news comes just one day after he was officially hired, but the changes themselves were made yesterday, his first day in the role of President of Hockey Operations.

Dubas Fires Three Staff Members

Yesterday, Kyle Dubas fired Pittsburgh's Director of Hockey Strategy, Senior Vice-President of Sports Science/Performance, and their Director of Professional Scouting. These are some major roles in an NHL team's front office and it can take years for a person to work their way up to this level.

All three of these staff members were hired by recently fired GM Ron Hextall, so it's clear Dubas plans on implementing his own staff to execute his vision.

Too Much, Too Soon

It's completely within Dubas' right to fire whoever he wants, but to come into a new role on a new team and fire three of their most important staff members on your first day? That's a bit too much. Usually, new GMs and Presidents of Hockey Operations make changes to their staff when they first get hired, but it's usually a bit slower than that, and they usually take the time to properly evaluate their staff first.

At the end of the day, hockey is a business, and Dubas will do whatever it takes to win. That being said, his actions show a complete lack of empathy or thought for his staff's own well-being. This isn't a video game, it's people's lives.

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Kyle Dubas Makes Massive Changes in Pittsburgh One Day After Being Hired

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