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Paul Bissonnette breaks silence after another devastating Leafs season

Published May 5, 2024 at 7:21 PM

Paul Bissonnette, known for his unwavering support for the Toronto Maple Leafs, couldn't hide his disappointment after their Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins. As an Ontario native, his passion for the Leafs is evident, but like all Leafs fans, he shares in the agony of defeat after a challenging season.

In a social media post captioned "La fin. #LeafsForever," Bissonnette's expression spoke volumes about his emotions following the loss.

La fin. #LeafsForever

While he didn't directly criticize any players, he has been vocal about Mitch Marner's struggles with production. With speculation rising about Marner's future with the team, especially after the Game 7 defeat, more fans and analysts are questioning if this marks the end of his tenure in Toronto.

that should do it for Mitch Marner as a Toronto Maple Leaf. held out for one of the highest AAVs in the league and has completely no-showed in literally every high leverage playoff moment he's ever been in. this era is over.

Despite Marner's no-move clause (NMC) potentially complicating any moves, there's a chance for candid discussions, particularly with a contract extension looming. The offseason promises to be eventful as the Leafs reassess and make potential changes.

In summary, while the pain of defeat is evident, the offseason holds uncertainties and opportunities for the Leafs.

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Paul Bissonnette issued a statement after the Leafs loss
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Paul Bissonnette breaks silence after another devastating Leafs season

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