Star forward Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals
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BREAKING: Alex Ovechkin Unveils When He Will Retire

Published February 17, 2024 at 4:59 PM

In a recent interview with a Russian news outlet, hockey icon Alex Ovechkin discussed his thoughts on retirement and revealed when he will call it quits.

Alex Ovechkin Reveals When He Will Retire From Professional Hockey

When asked if he believes he will retire after his current contract with the Capitals expires, Ovechkin provided a surprising response.

Rabiner explicitly asked the big winger if he thinks he will be done with professional hockey after his current deal with the Capitals runs up.

«I think, yes,» Ovechkin said as translated via Google Translate.

This marks the second occasion this season that Ovechkin has broached the topic of retirement. Earlier in the year, speaking to American media, he emphasized the importance of enjoying the game, indicating that once that enjoyment wanes, it might be time to step away.

«Still enjoy it,» Ovechkin said in October. «As soon as I'm not going to enjoy it, it's probably not right for me to stay here and play the game the way I wanted to play.»

With Ovechkin hinting that his current contract could be his last in the NHL, a two-and-a-half-season countdown to retirement has commenced. This timeframe also presents him with an opportunity to surpass Wayne Gretzky's goal-scoring record.

If Ovechkin falls short of breaking the record within this window, it remains to be seen if he will contemplate extending his career.

Do you believe he will beat Gretzky's goal record?
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BREAKING: Alex Ovechkin Unveils When He Will Retire

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