Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Jerseys: Fans Divided

Published September 23, 2023 at 9:59 PM

The Winnipeg Jets have revealed their new alternate jerseys and the response from fans has been mixed.

The New Look Jets

The Winnipeg Jets recently unveiled their new jerseys, featuring a baby blue color. While this color has worked well for some teams like the Penguins and Canadiens in the past, the Jets added a twist with two bold stripes that harken back to the old-time Jets' jerseys. This unique combination has left fans both intrigued and puzzled.

Fan reactions to the new jerseys have been all over the map:

Positive Responses

Some fans are loving the new look:

Negative Reactions

Others are not as thrilled:

Honoring the Past

Despite the divisive nature of the jerseys, one thing is clear: they pay tribute to the 1948 Jets, a significant part of the team's history. This historical connection is a commendable gesture, reminding fans and observers of the team's rich heritage, something not all teams can boast.

In conclusion, the Winnipeg Jets' new jerseys have stirred up mixed feelings among fans, but they undeniably reflect a heartfelt tribute to the team's history. Whether you love them or not, these jerseys are sure to keep the Jets' legacy alive and spark conversations among fans.

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Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Jerseys: Fans Divided

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