FIGHT: Two Players Brawl Right After Leaving The Box

Published September 29, 2023 at 9:56 PM

During a preseason game featuring the Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins, two players got into a heated fight after leaving the penalty box.

Lauko Drops The Gloves With Belpedio

During preseason hockey, many players fighting for an NHL role take the fighting to a literal sense by dropping the gloves with their opponents.

It's a common way for these players to stand out by engaging fights that show their ability to bring the needed toughness to their teams. Jakub Lauko and Louie Belpedio wanted to make an impression, and they certainly did during their spirited brawl.

Although Belpedio seemed to have the upper hand at the end, causing Lauko to drop to one knee, it looked like the fight could have continued if the referees hadn't stepped in.

Jakub Lauko is a 23-year-old center who was drafted by the Bruins in the third round in 2018. He got his first taste of NHL action last year, playing in 23 games and earning seven points. He also contributed in three playoff games, getting one assist.

On the other hand, Louie Belpedio is a 27-year-old defenseman who has struggled to secure a consistent spot in the NHL. He has only played in four games over three different seasons, all with the Minnesota Wild. However, if the Flyers have injuries on their defensive line, Belpedio could get a significant chance to prove himself in the NHL.
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FIGHT: Two Players Brawl Right After Leaving The Box

Who won this fight?

Belpedio3244.4 %
Lauko4055.6 %
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