BREAKING: Season's First Goal by a Goaltender is Here

Published October 18, 2023 at 8:12 PM

AHL Witnesses Its First Goalie Goal of the Season!

It's official! The 2023-24 AHL season has witnessed its inaugural goalie goal, and it came about in a rather unexpected manner.

Strauss Mann, who guards the net for the Laval Rocket, the Canadiens' affiliate team, has notched his very first career goal.

The Amerks own goal was last touched by...Strauss Mann! GOALIE GOAL IN LAVAL

Strauss Mann earns his debut AHL goal courtesy of Cederqvist mistakenly slotting the puck into an unguarded net off a pass from the center!

In a bid to press for an advantage, the Rochester Americans removed their goaltender for an extra field player. However, the plan backfired when they inadvertently sent the puck zooming into their own goal.

With Mann being the last Laval player to have made contact with the puck before the self-goal, he was duly credited with the score.

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BREAKING: Season's First Goal by a Goaltender is Here

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