Bettman penalizing 15 teams with salary cap restraints

Published April 22, 2023 at 6:38 PM

In recent seasons, a flat salary cap has been in place, which has caused difficulties for some teams in terms of signing and retaining players. Due to this cap, a number of teams have found it challenging to operate within their budget and meet their team's needs.

Looking ahead, for the upcoming season, the salary cap is set at $82,500,000. However, it may be raised by an additional $1,000,000, offering some respite to teams that have been struggling to remain competitive.

Unfortunately, almost half of the league will not be able to spend the full amount of the cap due to penalties imposed on them during the previous season. This will force them to operate with a lower budget, potentially putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring top talent.

Several teams have players under contract that include "performance bonuses," which can cause salary cap issues. Although these players' salaries may be within the salary cap, their performance bonuses can cause their teams to exceed the limit, leading to further financial constraints in the following season.

Overall, there are several teams that will face restrictions next season due to the penalties and bonus structures in place. These teams will need to carefully consider their options and prioritize their spending to ensure they can compete at the highest level.

Boston Bruins

Philadelphia Flyers

Montreal Canadiens

Edmonton Oilers

Vancouver Canucks

Colorado Avalanche

New York Rangers

Carolina Hurricanes

New Jersey Devils

Dallas Stars

Florida Panthers

Seattle Kraken

San Jose Sharks

St. Louis Blues

Washington Capitals

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Bettman penalizing 15 teams with salary cap restraints

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