MAJOR: Rookie Habs Prospect Crushes Renowned Enforcer

Published October 8, 2023 at 10:27

Rising prospect Emil Heineman's aggressive play resulted in an injury to one of the NHL's renowned enforcers, Zack MacEwen.

MacEwen Sidelined by Heineman

During a recent preseason face-off between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens, young Emil Heineman, 21, delivered a powerful hit on Zack MacEwen, leading to MacEwen's abrupt exit to the locker room.

Emil Heineman's forceful tackle leads Zack MacEwen directly to the locker room.

The Senators later confirmed MacEwen would not continue playing that game.

Injury Update: Both #Sens forwards Tarun Fizer (lower body) and Zack MacEwen (upper body) are ruled out for the remainder of the game following second-period injuries.

While the tackle by Heineman was impactful, it appears MacEwen's subsequent collision with the rink's boards is the primary cause of the injury.

Drafted 41st overall by the Florida Panthers in 2021, Heineman later joined the Canadiens following a trade. Last season, he showcased his skills mainly in Sweden and the AHL. He aspires to either make a significant mark in the AHL or secure a spot in Montreal's opening game roster.

Contrastingly, MacEwen, 27, climbed the NHL ranks without being drafted. Recognized as an enforcer, MacEwen's NHL journey spans 186 games and 245 PIMs. He recently inked a three-year contract with the Senators, joining as a forceful fourth-liner.

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MAJOR: Rookie Habs Prospect Crushes Renowned Enforcer

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