MUST WATCH: Crazy Goalie Fight Erupts In European League

Published October 20, 2023 at 9:18 PM

While hockey fans are split on the issue of fighting, most can agree that a fight here and there, at the right time, can add extra entertainment value to the game. If there is one thing all fans can agree on though it is that goalie fights are awesome. Tonight, the hockey world was blessed with one of these rare events.

Goalie Fight Breaks Out In European League

The fight happened in the obscure win2day ICE Hockey League. It is the top pro league in Austria, although it also features teams from Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia. The League is leading the world in goalie fights per game this year.

Although neither goalie really landed any serious punches in this one, it was still a great fight. Afterall, not much can put a smile on a hockey fan's face quite like a good old fashioned goalie fight. They are exceptionally rare in the NHL now as goalies get a penalty for crossing center ice.
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MUST WATCH: Crazy Goalie Fight Erupts In European League

Should the NHL encourage more goalie fights?

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