New Hampshire Defenseman Arrested Mid-Game in a Wild Scene

Published October 2, 2023 at 9:11

Some hockey players have encountered grave consequences for severe misdeeds, with a few even serving prison sentences.

Defenseman from New Hampshire Apprehended Mid-Game

In a possibly unprecedented occurrence, a player was arrested in the midst of a match.

During a recent clash between the Johnstown Tomahawks and the New Hampshire Mountain Kings, defenseman Yahor Ramanau found himself under arrest for vehicular crimes, marking an unexpected and disruptive event in the hockey match.

During the first intermission of Sunday's NAHL game at the Johnstown Tomahawks, New Hampshire Mountain Kings defenseman Yahor Ramanau was removed from 1st Summit Arena @ Cambria County War Memorial and arrested by Johnstown Police due to an outstanding warrant in New Kensington, according to the Tomahawks front office.

The warrant was issued two years ago when the 20-year-old Belarus native played for the Esmark Stars in Pittsburgh. He was charged with aggravated assault by vehicle.

Ramanau could not rejoin the game post-arrest, which was a factor in his team's 2-1 defeat. The incidents that resulted in his arrest occurred during his tenure in Pittsburgh.

Given the circumstances, it appears Ramanau will be needing defense off the ice!

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New Hampshire Defenseman Arrested Mid-Game in a Wild Scene

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