UNVEILED: Criminologist Reveals Key Factors Behind The Arrest Related To Adam Johnson's Death

Published November 14, 2023 at 6:47 PM

Today we got a major update with the investigation into Adam Johnson as U.K. police announced an individual involved in the case was arrested for suspicion of manslaughter.

Arrest Made In Adam Johnson Investigation

Many around the hockey world were surprised when the announcement was made this morning that U.K. police have made an arrest in the investigation into Adam Johnson's death.

The name of the individual has not been released, but it is widely accepted that it is Matt Petgrave, the player who unfortunately clipped Johnson's neck with his skate, leading to the injury and Johnson's eventual passing.

An arrest does not necessarily mean much though. To this point, charges have not been filed and guilt has not been assessed. Rather, this move essentially means that Petgrave will simply be interrogated by police. One Criminologist with experience in sports related violence took to X to explain the situation to laypeople.

Criminologist Demystifies Arrest In Adam Johnson Investigation

Dr. Victoria Silverwood, a criminologist from Cardiff Wales with a specialization in hockey related cases, explained the development in the Adam Johnson investigation with a lengthy X thread. The following posts should be mandatory reading for anyone engaged in the discourse surrounding the investigation.

Thread: I'm a criminologist with 16 years experience researching violence in sport, specifically in ice hockey (PhD, 2016).
I understand the confusion that a lot of hockey players and fans are experiencing at the moment. I teach modules on sports criminology & on homicide

While it is not necessary, it is common practice that a person whose actions lead to an unexpected death may be arrested in order for information to be gathered about an event and potentially for restrictions to be put in place (including residing in the country) while investigations are carried out.

This part of the thread is particularly interesting. Petgrave is from Toronto. This would seem to imply that he could potentially be extradited or otherwise temporarily deported from the U.K. while the investigation continues after his questioning.

This process can take months or even years to fully investigate.
Importantly. An arrest does not equal guilt. Even a criminal charge does not equal guilt.
We need to let the legal system run its course and avoid speculating on sensationalised accounts.

Perhaps her most important point comes in the final part of the thread. She noted that this investigation could takes months if not longer and the rest of the hockey world needs to relax and avoid speculation. Of course speculation will likely still be rampant after this news, but we must let the legal system play out before we pass judgment.

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UNVEILED: Criminologist Reveals Key Factors Behind The Arrest Related To Adam Johnson's Death


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