Former Arizona Coyotes forward Adam Ruzicka caught posting illegal social media video
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Adam Ruzicka's National Team Takes Action Following Viral Social Media Post

Published February 25, 2024 at 3:24 PM

Today, former NHL player Adam Ruzicka is facing additional consequences from his home country of Slovakia following the recent news of his contract termination in the NHL.

Ruzicka Banned From His National Team Following Contract Termination

Ruzicka, previously with the Arizona Coyotes, was placed on unconditional waivers earlier this week due to a video surfacing on social media showing him engaging in activities not condoned by the NHL. Consequently, the Coyotes released him.

Slovakia's governing body for hockey has banned Ruzicka from participating in several upcoming tournaments with the national team. The statement from Hockey Slovakia condemned Ruzicka's behavior and removed him from championship consideration.

Hockey Slovakia condemns Adam Ruzicka's behavior, drops him from championships.

It appears that Slovakians do not appreciate this type of behavior... !

The duration of Ruzicka's ban remains uncertain. This development ignites a debate over whether he should face exclusion and condemnation or receive support and guidance to overcome his mistakes.

Do you think Ruzicka will ever play again in the NHL?
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Adam Ruzicka's National Team Takes Action Following Viral Social Media Post

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