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BREAKING: NHL Returns To New City For First Time In Over Six Decades

Published February 27, 2024 at 11:39

According to a recent report by David Pagnotta, the NHL is gearing up for a significant milestone by hosting games in a country it hasn't visited since the late 1950s.

NHL Set To Return To Paris For First Since The 1950s

Pagnotta revealed that the NHL intends to dispatch the Montreal Canadiens to compete in Paris in October 2025.

The last time the Montreal Canadiens played in France was in 1939, engaging in a nine-game series against the Detroit Red Wings. They later made an overseas appearance in 1992, playing twice in London against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Pagnotta commented on the Canadiens' impending return to Europe:

"Just before we finish, there's something interesting to note. We've discussed the Global Series recently, and it's worth mentioning that it looks like the Montreal Canadiens will be heading to Paris in 2025. Not next year, but the year after that in October.

It seems the Canadiens and the NHL are ironing out the details for the Habs to play in Paris in '25. It's also expected that Stockholm will be another host city at that time. So, let's wait and see."

Earlier this season, the Red Wings, Senators, Maple Leafs, and Wild journeyed to Stockholm for games, which proved to be a resounding success for the League and hockey in general.

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BREAKING: NHL Returns To New City For First Time In Over Six Decades

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