Hockey Night In Canada host Ron MacLean
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Ron MacLean embarrasses himself on live TV

Published March 25, 2024 at 4:12 PM

Since Don Cherry's departure from Hockey Night in Canada, his co-host Ron MacLean has faced increased criticism from fans, especially on social media. This criticism intensified after an awkward interview with Toronto Maple Leafs forward Bobby McMann.

During the interview, MacLean veered off-topic, mentioning Glen Sather's mother and her dress shop in Wainwright. McMann appeared confused by the question, stating he was unaware of that history.

"You're too young, you can't know this Bobby but Glen Sather's mom had a shop in Wainwright it was a dress..." MacLean trailed off.

The awkward exchange left viewers and McMann perplexed.

"No... no I don't know that history," said an obviously confused McMann.

Many fans took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with MacLean's performance, with some even calling for his replacement.

Once again asking what exactly does Ron MacLean bring to the panel?

Replace with him with David Amber. I don't care about nostalgia.

This incident further fuels the growing criticism of MacLean's on-air performance, marking a less than stellar moment for him on Hockey Night in Canada.

Do you think Ron MacLean should be replaced as host of HNIC?

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Ron MacLean Under Fire for Bizarre Comments to Bobby McMann
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Ron MacLean embarrasses himself on live TV

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