Phil Kessel's Return To The NHL Gaining Steam

Published November 2, 2023 at 11:29

One of the biggest stars in the recent history of the NHL has been missing this season. Phil Kessel is still without a team but today we got a major update from the three-time Stanley Cup champion himself.

Kessel Speaks About His Situation

Phil Kessel took time to speak with Pierre LeBrun about what he is up to and his future in the NHL. He first said that he originally had stayed in Vegas and skated there waiting for an opportunity.

"Yeah, I skated for quite a long time there,» Kessel said. «Obviously, once camp started, I stopped skating there. I moved back here to Arizona because it's more of a home base for me. I've got my house here still. It's just easier.»

Now with Kessel back in Arizona and still unsigned what is he up to?

I'm staying ready. I've been skating. In the next week, I'm going to work with a skating guy here. We're going to do individual sessions to stay ready.

With all of this in mind Kessel continued to talk but this time more about his future and what he thinks he can provide for an NHL team.

Kessel Addresses His Future

Phil Kessel sounds hopeful and determined for his future in the NHL despite not having a contract. He is surprised though that nothing has come along.

Obviously, I'm a little surprised I haven't got anything yet, but it is what it is, right?

Kessel then goes on to talk about what kind of role he thinks he could fill on a contender.

I know I can still play and can still help. For the minutes I played last year, I thought my numbers were pretty solid, right? So I know I can help a team and contribute to a team which needs scoring.

Lastly, Kessel was asked if he had any preferred destinations in mind and his answer was a bit surprising.

I'm willing to kind of go wherever. Because I want to play. I love to play.

Kessel just wants an opportunity to play. He is a favorite among fans on and off the ice. Hopefully, a team finds a need for a player like Kessel and picks up the phone to give him an offer soon.

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Phil Kessel's Return To The NHL Gaining Steam

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