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Insider Reveals Elias Lindholm To Be Traded To One Of Two Teams

Published December 23, 2023 at 3:12

An insider has revealed that the Elias Lindholm trade sweepstakes are currently coming down to two teams.

Lindholm Not Likely To Return To Calgary

Today Pierre LeBrun was able to uncover a lot of information about the Elias Lindholm and Calgary Flames situation.

LeBrun has confirmed that it does not look like Elias Lindholm will be returning to Calgary after this season. There have reportedly not been a lot of talks between the two sides.

Well, first thing is, it's been really quiet on that front too. And part of it is that there have not been a lot of conversations between the Lindholm camp and the Calgary Flames,» LeBrun said when asked for an update on Lindholm. «Not that you should read into that because the Flames haven't told him they're definitely moving him, and Lindholm hasn't told the Flames he definitely wants out. So there's that.

While neither side has officially decided to part ways it does seem to be heading in that direction. If Lindholm is indeed traded LeBrun was able to dig up who the favorites might be to land him.

NHL Insider Reveals Favorites To Land Lindholm In A Trade

Pierre LeBrun then moved on to the trade rumors surrounding Lindholm. He believes if Lindholm is traded it will likely happen closer to the March 8th deadline.

As the post from X mentions Pierre LeBrun says that the favorites to acquire Lindholm at the moment are the Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche.

The Boston Bruins have needed forward depth all season after several key players decided to retire. The Colorado Avalanche always tend to explore the forward market during the trade deadline. With Gabriel Landeskog expected to miss all season the need for a star forward is amplified.

While a trade involving Elias Lindholm is not on the near horizon it is likely before the end of the season. The team that lands him will likely be the one willing to take on the most salary.

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Insider Reveals Elias Lindholm To Be Traded To One Of Two Teams

Where will Elias Lindholm be traded to?

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Boston Bruins5628.7 %
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