Reports Surfacing that Leafs are Interested in Pursuing Trevor Zegras

Published September 30, 2023 at 11:18

Recent reports have surfaced that teams have been pursuing a trade for Trevor Zegras, and the Leafs could be one of them.

Leafs Showing Interest in Potential Trade for Zegras

The relationship between Zegras and the Ducks is seemingly sliding downhill fast, as reports of the Ducks lowballing the star forward are now being followed by rumours that outside teams are looking to pursue a potential trade.

Now, insiders are linking the Leafs to the talks, saying that they should be pursuing Zegras in a potential blockbuster trade.

Where will Zegras end up??

#LeafsNation would you trade Nylander for Zegras? @mattmurley19 is all for it.

In this scenario, the Leafs would send William Nylander to the Ducks in exchange for Zegras, but is this a good trade?

Should the Leafs Ship Nylander out West for Zegras?

It's clear that Nylander is a better immediate producer, and the Leafs can expect a stellar season from the star after he put up 40 goals and 87 assists. Zegras, on the other hand, scored 23 goals and 65 points.


However, there is some potential upside for the Leafs. They would get some much-needed future cap space relief in a potential trade, and there is potential for Zegras to produce at a higher rate with more skilled forwards on the Leafs.

However, it's hard to see this trade being a homerun for the Leafs.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "Report: The Maple Leafs Among Top Three Teams Pursuing Anaheim's Trevor Zegras"
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Reports Surfacing that Leafs are Interested in Pursuing Trevor Zegras

Who would win a Zegras for Nylander Trade?

Ducks7853.8 %
Leafs6746.2 %
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