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Patrice Bergeron Speaks About His Potential Comeback To The NHL

Published February 19, 2024 at 3:29 PM

Bruins legend Patrice Bergeron has been rumored to be making a comeback to the NHL which has excited fans in Boston.

Patrice Bergeron Addresses The Media About His Potential Return

Despite rumors suggesting a comeback, Patrice Bergeron, the former Boston Bruins forward, retired after the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs. These rumors gained traction on the Spittin Chiclets podcast, but Bergeron addressed them recently with Bruins insider Joe Haggerty.

Bergeron clarified that his return to skating was simply a way to stay connected to the game he loves. While he admits he could have played another year, he chose to retire due to family considerations and the toll the sport takes on the body.

"I understand [the comeback talk]. I'd been working out every weekday and I'd started [doing] a little skate with former [NHL] players on Fridays,» said Bergeron as per Haggerty. «I guess I knew that it could generate some talk. Why would I be on the ice if I wanted to retire? But people need to understand that this is a passion. I'm always going to love the game. So, for me to go out and enjoy a skate and enjoy those feelings again, it's great."

Bergeron emphasized that his retirement decision was final and well-considered. He listened to his heart and prioritized his family's well-being.

"I thought it was funny," said Bergerion of the rumored comeback. "It is what it is. You can't change rumors and people will always talk. When I did retire, I knew that I could have played another year. But I made that decision for what I thought was the best decision for me and for my family. It's a physical sport. There are a lot of body parts that, when I get up in the morning, they are very achy. When I made the [retirement] decision, it was very real. I was not in between about it. That's why I took so long. Because once I made a decision [to retire], I wasn't going to be going back on it. I listened to my heart and followed my inside voice. That's something I've done my whole life."

With this, any hopes of a Bergeron comeback should be put to rest. He deserves to enjoy his retirement after a remarkable career.
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Patrice Bergeron Speaks About His Potential Comeback To The NHL

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