Hockey legend Jaromir Jagr saluting the Pittsburgh Penguins crowd one last time
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Jaromir Jagr Drops An F-Bomb On Live TV And Reveals His Biggest Regret

Published February 18, 2024 at 9:09 PM

Hockey legend Jaromir Jagr made history on Sunday by getting his jersey retired by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jaromir Jagr Reveals His Biggest Regret

Former Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jaromir Jagr recently made a surprising admission about a controversial decision in his NHL career.

In 2011, Jagr turned down an offer from the Penguins and instead joined their bitter rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. He confessed that his decision may have been motivated by selfish interests, as he wanted to prove he could still excel without the Penguins young stars by his side.

"I was thinking about myself and wanted to show what I could still do," admitted Jagr as per Josh Yohe. "Sid had his line. Geno had his. But maybe it was a mistake."

While we'll never know for sure, many Penguins fans wish they could have seen Jagr skate alongside the next generation of stars. However, Jagr's competitiveness and drive to excel have defined his legendary career.

As Jagr has grown older, his priorities have shifted. He now emphasizes being a good person over being a top hockey player.

"God is going to ask you what you've done with your life," said Jagr. "I'm trying to be a good person."

Jagr Drops An F-Bomb On Live TV

Jaromir Jagr reaffirmed his allegiance to the Pittsburgh Penguins during Sunday night's broadcast, leaving no doubt about where his heart lies.

Joining the Penguins broadcast crew in the booth, Jagr provided commentary and insights while the Penguins faced off against the Los Angeles Kings. Despite his attentive responses during the interview, Jagr's focus shifted entirely to the game when the Kings launched a scoring chance against Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry.

In a moment of passion, Jagr couldn't contain his reaction. ""Of f***!" exclaimed Jagr as the Kings came close to scoring."

While some may raise eyebrows at Jagr's slip-up, it's unlikely to upset anyone, and if anything, his unfiltered passion for the Penguins will only further endear him to the fan base.

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Jaromir Jagr Drops An F-Bomb On Live TV And Reveals His Biggest Regret

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