Ryan Reaves Caught Roasting Corey Perry By Camera Man

Published October 16, 2023 at 8:21 PM

Anyone know how to read lips? Ryan Reaves was caught chirping Corey Perry tonight in Scotiabank Arena as a Cameraman on the benches got a close up of Reaves.

Reaves Taunts Perry

While we could not hear what Reaves was saying in this clip, its probably a good thing as we could tell what he was saying. Thanks to the extreme close-up view of Reaves's face, it was pretty obvious what he was saying to anyone who can read lips even a little bit.

We believe Reaves said something along these lines.

"Why do you think I give a f--k what you say? Huh? What, what are you gonna do about it? You never back it up though. Never f--king back it up, never."

Seems like Reaves was calling Perry out for being a fake tough guy. While the former has earned a reputation as one of the league's best fighters, Perry has had a reputation throughout his career as someone who will get in your face, maybe take a bad slash or a gloved punch here and there, but would rarely actually drop the gloves. Needless to say, these two players do not appear to get along very well.

As seen on Camera captures Ryan Reaves absolutely roasting Corey Perry
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Ryan Reaves Caught Roasting Corey Perry By Camera Man

Who would win a fight between Reaves and Perry?

Reaves, easy8946.1 %
Reaves, but close4020.7 %
Perry, close2814.5 %
Perry, easy3618.7 %
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