Florida Panthers forward Nick Cousins fighting Nashville Predators forward Jason Zucker
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Nick Cousins Drops The Gloves With Jason Zucker

Published March 21, 2024 at 10:02 PM

Nick Cousins is widely known as the most disliked player in the National Hockey League due to his style of play and questionable antics on the ice. In tonight's game between the Florida Panthers and the Nashville Predators, Cousins got into a scrap with newly acquired Predators forward, Jason Zucker.

The fight erupted right after a faceoff in the Florida zone, with both players eager to engage. They exchanged punches without much defense, resulting in Zucker hitting the ice and staying down, despite delivering some solid blows himself.

Nick Cousins and Jason Zucker take it to the floor. 👀

Given Cousins' reputation, it's expected that he and others will adopt a more physical playoff-style of hockey as the season progresses. If Cousins continues to accept fights, there will likely be no shortage of opponents willing to engage.

Zucker's decision to fight Cousins may have been influenced by a previous hit during the season when Zucker was playing for the Arizona Coyotes.

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Nick Cousins Drops The Gloves With Jason Zucker

Who won that fight?

Jason Zucker1634 %
Nick Cousins1429.8 %
Draw1736.2 %
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