New Hockey Canada Rule Prohibits Changing In Dressing Rooms

Published October 4, 2023 at 11:20 PM

Hockey Canada announced a new rule today that has become a topic of discussion online.

Players Must Keep Base Layer On In Dressing Rooms

The rule makes it mandatory for players to keep their base layer on when in their dressing rooms. Players will have to enter private washroom stalls in order to change out of their base layers if they wish to do so.

Hockey Canada spokesperson Esther Madziya discusses why the new rule was implemented:

"All participants have the right to utilize the dressing room or appropriate and equivalent dressing environment based on their gender identity, religious beliefs, body image concerns, and/or other reasons related to their individual needs."

In addition, Hockey Canada now officially encourages players to wear their base layers to and from the rink, although this is not mandatory.

According to CBC Nova Scotia,
The new Hockey Canada policy takes aim at "minimum requirements of attire" in dressing rooms. If players don't wear the base layer, they will have to change into it inside a closed washroom stall at the rink.

Rule Change Marks An Effort To Be More Inclusive

The rule change is intended to create a locker room environment where junior players will feel more comfortable. While some parents have expressed concerns that their kids are going to be extra stinky after team events now, that is not really something Hockey Canada is concerned about. Craig Robinson, coach of the Halifax Hawks addressed this concern while showing support for the new rule.

"This isn't just about gender, it's about everyone being comfortable. Coaches can't always visually identify and automatically know what gender someone identifies with, so this just allows everybody to fit into that dressing room."

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New Hockey Canada Rule Prohibits Changing In Dressing Rooms

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