MAJOR: Blockbuster Trade Reportedly Vetoed By Team Owner

Samer Dagher
March 4, 2024  (7:46 PM)

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Last week, the Calgary Flames found themselves in a major controversy when veteran goalie Jacob Markstrom publicly expressed his frustration with the handling of his situation leading up to the trade deadline.

Markstrom's comments seemed aimed at the Flames' front office, leading many to assume he was criticizing general manager Craig Conroy, who typically leads such decisions. However, new insights from NHL insider Frank Seravalli suggest that Conroy may not be the primary target of Markstrom's ire.

Flames Ownership Vetoed Markstrom Trade

According to Seravalli, there was a trade in the works between the Flames and the New Jersey Devils involving Markstrom. Allegedly, both teams had agreed in principle to the deal, and Markstrom had given his approval to be traded.
"I don't think Jacob Markstrom's issue with the Flames front office is at all with Craig Conroy," said NHL insider Frank Seravalli. "My understanding, and this is a belief I've had for 3 weeks or a month now, is that the Flames and [New Jersey] Devils had agreed to a trade on Markstrom. They had gone to Markstrom and said 'We are thinking about trading you to New Jersey' and he gave them the green light."

"The two sides, I believe, had agreed in principle to a trade and above Craig Conroy... Don Maloney on behalf of ownership, is believed to have nixed this trade," said Seravalli.

This turn of events sheds light on why Markstrom might feel frustrated with the situation.
"So I think Markstrom's frustration is 'You asked me if I would waive. I said yes. Then you don't trade me. And then you determined after the fact that you're not going to trade me or you've told people you're not going to trade me.' I can understand why that would be disappointing," admitted Seravalli.

It's unclear why Flames ownership intervened, but speculation points to the team's recent success making them hesitant to part ways with Markstrom. The Flames improved performance has put them in contention for the playoffs, which could have influenced ownership's decision to halt the trade.
Overall, the situation highlights the complexities and tensions within the Flames organization regarding player transactions.
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MAJOR: Blockbuster Trade Reportedly Vetoed By Team Owner

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